About Us

DexCopy Pte Ltd helps businesses generate quality content that contributes to their marketing, branding and building of relationships with target markets, without straining their marketing budgets.

DexCopy was founded by Nazir Tan Amir, with the purpose of introducing businesses to content that did more than just talk. During his career in the marketing industry, Nazir realised his talent for copywriting and started on some freelance jobs. After receiving repeat customers, he decided to set up a business in content generation.

Today, we aim to help businesses whether new or established, to engage their target markets with dynamic content. Aside from engagement, our content are also written with the objectives of increasing traffic and converting readers into paying customers.

We have written content for websites, business blogs, newsletters, presentations, advertorials, brochures, email marketing campaigns and several other marketing platforms. In addition, we help new companies in creating websites for that much needed online presence.

Please browse our site further, to see how we can help your business engage your target markets.